10 Reasons You’re Not Calling Yourself a Feminist

#1 You consider yourself an equalist because the F word is too female oriented.
I think it’s great to continue using the word feminism because it is so deeply rooted in so many things that are wrong with the world. It is undeniable that women’s rights have come a long way but they still have a way to go. Misogyny has a ripple effect and certainly affects men too but it is all in all down to a low social status for women. Claiming you are a feminist is the same as claiming you are an equalist, not a racist or that you’re anti-discrimination. 

#2 You don’t fully understand the concept.
Feminism is not a radical belief, it is the simple belief that women and men should be of equal economic, political and social status. It is about stopping things like rape culture, body dismorphia and ignorance towards domestic violence. It is as much in men’s interest as it is in women’s. Look at this video.

#3 You weren’t aware that feminists want a better state of equality for men too.
When it all began, feminism was about getting the basic rights that men were entitled to such as voting, education and work. In 2016 it’s about an international problem caused by a patriarchal society and years of institutionalised living where men were the providers and women were the carers. Feminists are in both corners fighting for the omission of traditional gender roles which benefits everyone.

#4 You think gender roles are there for a reason.
Gender roles are damaging on both sides. Men percieved as feminine are ridiculed whereas women who are typically masculine are at worst are presumed gay. Men are given 1-2 weeks maternity leave whereas women (if they use the maximum of 11 weeks prior to birth) are given 15 weeks after their baby is born before they either have to return to work or request up to a further 26 weeks extended maternity.

#5 Your friends are all men. (Men only)
You’ll find that men who surround themselves with female friends with either be out and proud feminists or a feminist too afraid to use the F word. You may be familiar with the kind of men who don’t respect women. They often find themselves in ‘the friendzone’ and get really butthurt about it. They don’t keep female company unless in the romantic (or not so) sense.

#6 Your friends are all women. (You get the gist)
Likewise, women who don’t maintain friendships with men often see a barrier between the genders and generally have a more ‘us and them’ mentality.

#7 You don’t consider the women in your life when you speak about women.
I’ll never forget the little boy from the Always #LikeAGirl campaign* who realises he may have insulted his sister (“I mean yeah I insulted girls… but not my sister”) with his response to things like ‘run like a girl’. It makes me think that if we question a misogynistic view with ‘does this apply to your wife/mother/sister/partner too?’ or ‘would the women in your life respect this opinion?’ that it might reshape that view a little.

#8 You don’t think it’s important because there are more pressing issues in the world.
There certainly are, but as an individual you have a responsibility to treat everybody fairly and to stand up to day-to-day sexism that you might see. If you see a woman or girl being treated like a piece of meat because she’s had too much to drink, stop it. If your friend just wolf whistled at a schoolgirl, smack him round the head. Don’t make jokes about rape and women being in the kitchen. You don’t have to campaign to be a feminist, you just have to not be an arsehole.

#9 Your peers would laugh at you for it.
Sadly if this is the case you either need to get a better group of friends or actually talk about the topic as a group. Why are they not calling themselves feminists? Try using the racist/sexist method where you change the word ‘girl’ or ‘woman’ to ‘chinese person’ or ‘black person’ and see how lovely your opinions sound!

#10 You’re a top cunt.
You genuinely believe that men are better than women and that women deserve to be treated as inadequate members of society in which case you really need to crawl back into the hole you came from before a bunch of riot girls come and shove you back down it.

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