So we all know that Donald Trump is a top cunt. He’s the top cunt. He’s the cunt of all cunts. And the irony of what a world class cunt he is can really be seen in his view towards what people are allowed to do with theirs.

The batshit crazy leader of the not so free world has now signed a legislation to revoke funding for health care in third world countries if they so much as utter the word abortion. What’s even more disgusting about this legislation is that this is regardless of if these organisations fund said abortions themselves. So not only is Trump no longer willing to help fund third world abortions but he is also full on taking that right away from people with the threat to take away the rest of their healthcare.

Back in 1999 Donald Trump was actually “very pro-choice” (see this video where he states he is against abortion but believes people have the right to a choice) but he retracted this statement in 2011 with “I am now pro-life; after years of being pro-choice” and later explained this change in opinion with “I have evolved on abortion issue, like Reagan evolved.”

How an opinion about something so sensitive and life-altering can change so drastically, I don’t know. He sure as hell couldn’t change this opinion so easily if it actually affected him. Which leads onto my next point. Who is any man to decide he is against abortion? I’d like to see him suffer and see through an unwanted pregnancy so he knows how it feels but sadly that will never happen.

When news broke of the legislation signing, social networks were blown up with messages of anger and worry with Tweets like these being shared hundreds and thousands of times…

 “As long as you live you’ll never see a photograph of 7 women signing legislation about what men can do with their reproductive organs”

And their point is 100% valid. Historically, we’ve barely seen women make decisions at all let alone about their own bodies or anybody else’s.

During the presidential campaign trail, Trump said he believed that if abortion were to be banned then “some form of punishment” should be in place for women who go through with them which means that it’s quite possible that he will be looking to ban them during his presidential term. Imagine that for a moment; living in a first world country where it’s perfectly legal to get your boobs enlarged the size of a basketball but you can’t even make the choice about your own reproductive organs to end a pregnancy.

I’m not saying by any means that abortion should be taken lightly; I understand the implications of ending a pregnancy and so do the women who go ahead with abortion. They understand the potential for a new life, the potential they are cutting short, but these women aren’t the murderers some people see them as. They are often women who are desperate, women who have no other choice, women who would have to live in poverty for potentially the rest of their lives if they go ahead with having a baby they never wanted in the first place. A cis-gendered, powerful, white, rich, straight man like Trump will never understand the desperate measures taken to stop an unwanted pregnancy by women in the third world. Women undergo illegal, painful and life risking procedures to save themselves from giving birth to a baby they cannot care for, a baby that otherwise might suffer a lot more if it were brought into the world.

In the world I am living in with free healthcare, access to contraception and access to pregnancy tests from as little as 50p, it’s quite different. Realistically if you’ve got your shit together you’re probably gonna notice if you’re pregnant within the first 4-12 weeks and as long as you notice before the 20 week mark, you have the chance to undo your doings without your fruit sized foetus feeling pain.

“Although fetuses start forming pain receptors eight weeks into development, the thalamus, the part of the brain that routes information to other areas, doesn’t form for 20 more weeks. Without the thalamus, Rosen says, no information can reach the cortex for processing. ” – Mark Rosen, Obstetrical Anesthesiologist at the University of California, San Francisco

And my point in this is that not every woman who made the decision to end a pregnancy was suffering in the third world or raped or even desperate. Some women make the sensible decision to not have a fourth child because they know they cannot financially handle a third child. Some women decide to end a pregnancy because they are too young and want to wait until they are married to start a family. Some women decide to abort because it just doesn’t fit in with their life plan… and that’s okay. Because you might not agree with abortion but it doesn’t give you the right to take away somebody else’s choice.

Read more about my thoughts on abortion in my previous post MIND YOUR OWN UTERUS.

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